Get Started on the Better Half of Your Career 

another broken chainWelcome to the Breakaway Advisors Symposium.  We have assembled the leading players in the breakaway broker movement to update you on breakaway trends and, more importantly, to educate you on how to get started on the better half of your career. A Fidelity survey of breakaway brokers tells us that …

> 94% of breakaways are happy with their decision

> 90% of breakaways wish they had done so sooner

> The #1 obstacle for breakaway is fear of the unknown … until now

 Advisors Voting with Their Feet 2012

Webinar Series Agenda

1/14   Getting Your Strategy Off the Shelf...     REPLAY

03/13   Business Model Right For You ...                REPLAY
03/20   Case Studies in Success ...                         SLIDES
03/27   The Transition: Forming Your RIA  ...          REPLAY 04/03   Choosing a Custodian & Moving Clients ...  REPLAY
04/17   Finding the Right Investment Solution ...      REPLAY 04/24   Create a Successful Lifestyle Practice ...     REPLAY 06/18   Kitces: Modern Portfolio Theory 2.0             SLIDES 09/25   What Compliance Looks Like in a Post...     REPLAY 10/31   Achieving Efficiencies and Profitability...      REPLAY

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